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Episode 338: How Are You?

Scenario 1: Cole is one of the first people to arrive at his company which produces popular headphones. His desk is situated near the entrance of his job, so many people pass by him in the morning. Should he say, “Hi! How are you?” or should he put on headphones and pretend not to see anyone? Scenario 2: Judd says, “How are you?” to everyone he makes eye contact with. He recently bumped into an athlete who lost the Super Bowl game for his hometown. Should he not say,  “How are you?” to the athlete because he is furious with him? Scenario 3: Kyessa recently lost her pet snake while she was hiking. A bald eagle swooped down and snatched him right before her eyes. While shopping for items to mourn with, the cashier asked her, “How are you?”. Should she tell the truth or just say, “I’m doing well!”.

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