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Episode 258: Free Brittney Griner

Scenario 1:  Mawakana was traveling to a country where people are not allowed to possess any sort of medicine. She forgot to pack her bag the night before, so just threw some stuff in a suitcase and got a taxi. After getting on the flight she realized she might have put her vaping cartridges in the suitcase. Should she leave her suitcase to avoid any possible trouble with customs?  Scenario 2:   Kahira has played pro table tennis for the last 12 years. She was born in the United States and loves her country. Unfortunately, she earns significantly less money in the United States than in Shanghai. If her current President is bashing the country she plays in does it make sense for her to continue traveling there? Scenario 3:  Alireza had a trip planned for a few years to go to Moscow, Russia and do extensive sightseeing. She is a citizen of a country that has placed sanctions against Russia. Would it be a good idea to cancel the trip or for her to ignore the Russian-Ukrainian war taking p

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