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Episode 177: Would You Ever Catfish Your Partner?

SCENARIO 1: Kaspar was catfished by his fiance 3 years ago. Recently he received a message from someone trying to get him to join their bitcoin team. Should Kaspar suspect this is actually his fiance? SCENARIO 2: Markelle was cheated on by his girlfriend of 2 weeks with his co-worker. He decides he can get even with her, by pretending to be the co-worker and convincing her to meet him at a public location where he will shame her. Should Markelle go forward with this plan? SCENARIO 3: Anita is mad that Eugene has hidden away money from her, so she concocts a plan for him to reveal where the money is hidden. She pretends to be a hedge fund manager for a well known corporation and makes contact with Eugene about how he can quickly grow his money. Is Anita doing an injustice to Eugene?

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