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Episode 204: The Power of De-escalation Strategies and Techniques

SCENARIO #1:    Adnan got into a minor fender bender with Sloane. Sloane was furious because she was driving her friend’s car to finish a couple of errands. Could this be a time for Adnan to try out some de-escalation techniques? SCENARIO #2:  Yvonne was driving the speed limit and her car is in the best condition of any car on the road. She got pulled over for a broken tail light, which she knew was false. The officer approached her and was wildly disrespectful. Should she respond in kind or try to de-escalate the situation? SCENARIO #3:   Peyton was arguing with her sister over who gets the last slice of peach cobbler, because every year her sister takes the last slice. Should Peyton just give in or try to control the situation in hope of getting the last piece of pie?

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